Macro Life



Agumbeya Ajji Mane

Where do we go now, my search is exhausted, I said. She replied - Why should not we try Agumbe, we have never been there.

Kayaking through a forest stream

Kayaking through a forest stream - Gulduve

Living at The Camp

Savour the beauty of Palsambe

Escape from the jaws of death

Jog falls

Awesome Andaman

At Andaman Islands

Glamour in Goa

The Chorla Ghats

King Cobras & Common Cobras

We beg to differ....!!!

King's Platter

King's Platter

Common Lime Butterfly Life Cycle

Life cycle of Common Lime Butterfly(Papilio Demoleus)

Plain Tiger Butterfly Life Cycle

Plain Tiger Life Cycle (Danius chrysippus)

Lady Beetle Life cycle

Lady Beetle Life cycle (Coccinellidae)



Stri(o)ng story

Backyard Bytes - Stri(o)ng story

Art of Disguise!

Backyard Bytes - Art of Disguise!

Dew 'drop' story

Backyard Bytes - Dew 'drop' story

Expect the Unexpected

Backyard Bytes - Expect the Unexpected

Wildlife week

Day 4: Southern Birdwing