Southern Birdwing, Wildlife week wild encounters by Prasad Natarajan

Sammilan Shetty's Butterfly park at belvai is a privately owned butterfly park, which is a result of Mr.Sammilan Shetty's love for butterflies. It is a great park to visit during pre monsoon, they have grown variety of flowering plants which attract butterflies. The park is not an enclosed one and it is great to watch butterflies enter and leave this park freely. It is open only on Sunday's, where a small briefing was given to me on the different species of butterflies that visit the park. After which we walked through the park, observing butterflies pupas and photographing some of the most beautiful butterflies of westerghats. This Southern Birdwing just flew across us for a moment and fed on a lantana flower. Within few seconds she reached such heights and distance, what a great experience indeed!

Posted with: Butterflies, Agumbe, Macro Life, Monsoon Destinations

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