Feral Cattle, Goolittittu, Wildlife week wild encounters by Prasad Natarajan

During my visit to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, I spent a whole day watching pelicans, painted storks, egrets, openbills, river terns, night herons. I took the evening boat safari after our guide informed me about the existence of a man made island beside this sanctuary. Since the sanctuary was over crowded with birds, the authorities made a similar island, with the same trees, water etc. However none of the birds moved to this island, during heavy rains couple of domesticated cows were washed onto this island. After which they have lost contact with humans and now there is a big herd of these feral cows who have not come in contact with humans in a long time. When we reached this island, we were luckily to watch these feral cows grazing and for a moment, they all lifted their head up. But as soon as they saw us, they made a quick dash towards the thickets. It was great to make a few images of these elusive feral cows, this island is called Goolittitu!

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