Birding at Agara Lake

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I heard about "Agara Lake" for the first time in the year 2004. BDA had transformed most of the lake bed into a well planned layout. Back then, I had no idea that I'd get to see this lake on a daily basis. Thanks to my work place which is close to this lake. I have been observing good activities in the lake for a few months now.

Juv and Adult Bronze winged Jacana, Agara Lake,Bangalore

Juv and Adult Bronze winged Jacana

Major part of the lake is covered by weeds. Though the lake is maintained by Lake Development Authority I was surprised to see plastics and paper cups on top of weeds. I felt the governance was not upto the mark. No wonder the water body gets polluted..!

Little Grebe, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Little Grebe

I had a quick chat with an on-duty official from LDA. According to her, last year this lake hosted close to 250 spot billed pelicans and was a perfect place for breeding. However, this year very few pelicans were seen due to lack of rain. Letting sewage into the lake was also one of the reasons.

Eurasian Coot, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Eurasian Coot

I was pleased with beautiful sightings of storks, pelicans and coots. Harmony prevailed among them.

Spot Billed Pelican, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Spot Billed Pelican

Spot billed pelicans were roosting comfortably. They dipped their long-funneled bill into the water to find prey.

Take off.!, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Take off.!

Flight of Hercules, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Flight of "Hercules"

There were plenty of Black kites above the lake searching for breakfast. I noticed herons, jacanas, evading possible Kite-attacks. I was fortunate to witness couple of herons being attacked by a kite, but the herons escaped.

An Attack, Agara Lake, Bangalore

An Attack

Black Ibis, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Black Ibis

A typical Lake habitat.!, Agara Lake, Bangalore

A typical Lake habitat.!

A Painted Stork, Agara Lake, Bangalore

A Painted Stork

Many more painted storks joined the "roosting party". It was a get together of Painted Storks, Spot Billed Pelicans, Spot billed ducks, Eurasian coots, jacanas, etc.

Peace Summit, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Peace Summit

The Stork family, Agara Lake, Bangalore

The Stork family

Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Pheasant Tailed Jacana

Spot Billed Ducks, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Spot Billed Ducks

Purple Heron flight, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Purple Heron flight.

I found plenty of purple herons around. Few of them were enjoying the morning dip and the rest were flying from one corner to another in search of food. I felt there was a fishing competition between herons, storks and pelicans.

Purple Swamphen, Agara Lake, Bangalore

Purple Swamphen

Though I did not like the situation of the lake it was a treat to watch different species of birds roosting peacefully. I hope Lake Development Authority would take necessary actions to preserve this beautiful water body.

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