Shoot Reflections technique with 'Aqua Canvas', Wilderhood recitals by Pratap J Rao

Welcome back once again for 'Aqua Canvas'and this time we'll learn how to shoot reflections of water bodies!

Still water behaves like a mirror that reflects its surroundings. Generally, water in lakes and ponds is more still compared to water in rivers and oceans. Choose a time when there isn't too much wind blowing!

A good tool to have while shootng reflections is the Circular Polarizer. Commonly known as a CPL, this filter helps to either cut reflections, or add reflections in reflective surfaces such as water and mirrors.

It also helps to have a slow shutter speed to even out minor turbelence in the water which can occur due to wind. In this case, an ND filter as mentioned in the previous post will help.

Please feel free to post your queries and I encourage you to try out this weekend and post your queries or observations here! Happy clicking!

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