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Old Magazine House Camp is a property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Karnataka. Situated in the midst of thick forests of Ganeshgudi, it hosts different species of birds which are endemic to western ghats and migratory birds. The "bird bath" technique, that includes clay pots filled with water attracts plenty of birds to quench thirst and clean their feathers.

This beautiful lady sat on the perch like a queen. She posed nicely for all shutterbugs who continuously triggered their cam button. I was bowled over..!

Blue Capped Rock Thrush - Female.

White Rumped Shama - Perhaps the most visited bird to the bath area. I was longing to see this bird since many days, viola!! Wish granted. I watched him over again.

White Rumped Munia.--- They were the first to welcome me to the camp. Like a real family. they dipped into clay pots together to clean their wings. They continued to visit the pot area quite often.

Little Spider Hunter.-- I had to look for this tiny bird everywhere. But it was bold enough to show it's face at OMH camp. What a pleasant way to say HI.! They are extremely active and quite difficult to spot in open. I was lucky this time.

Streak Throated Woodpecker - I was having my breakfast enjoying the nature. With it's sharp beak this lovely bird peeked into each holes to catch worms. It was a magnificent scene. A lifer to me.

Black Eagle ontop of OMH camp - A memorable sighting. While we were busy clicking birds on perch, one of the senior birder alerted the camp that he saw a rare raptor. Another addition to my lifer's list.

Emerald Dove - Frequent visitor to this camp. People throng to OMH camp just to see this colorful bird.

Pompadour Green Pigeon.

Brown Cheeked Fulvetta.

Dark Fronted Babbler - I had a glimpse of this bird sometime back. I was thrilled to see couple of Dark Fronted babblers dancing in front of me.

Black Naped Monarch - Female. I was not satisfied with the list. Monarch was on top of my unfulfilled list. One of my friend who was a frequent visitor to OMH tipped me to wait near a place as Monarch's are particular about territory. Wish granted, yet again!

Black Throated Munia.

Orange Headed Ground Thrush.

Indian Blackbird.

Blyth's starling - Before the bath.

Blyth's starling - After bath. A spectacular transform.

Verditer Flycatcher - I admire it's unique color. Happens to be a frequent visitor to bird bath area.

Tickel's Blue Flycatcher - another commoner, but a mass entertainer. He did some acrobatics in front of us before entering the pool.

White Bellied Blue Flycatcher - Female. Another addition to my lifer's list. I was however unhappy not to see the Male bird. But this beauty gave ample time for us to photograph and enjoy the presence.

Indian Yellow Tit.

Oriental White Eye.

Asian Paradise Flycatcher - Female.

APFC Female.

Asian Brown Flycatcher.

Flame Throated Bulbul - Unlike other bulbuls, this specie is silent. I was fascinated with it's vivid colors, especially beneath it's neck. The Ruby color offers an outstanding saga of appearance. Spellbound !

Brown Breasted Flycatcher.

Yellow Browed Bulbul.

Yellow Browed Bulbul - This is a unique frame I never had experienced . Two of them sat on the perch preening their feathers. I sensed some kind of retaliation among other birds as they did not dare to enter the arena till these were around. The Duo offered good spectra for sometime.

Great Indian Horbill - It's not easy to find this big bird during non breeding time. Dandeli is a hornbill country.

Malabar Pied Hornbill.

Bar Winged Flycatcher Shrike.

Vernal Hanging Parrot.

Racket Tailed Drongo.

Golden Oriole.

Brown Shrike.

OMH camp is certainly the best place for bird watching. The habitat is preserved in such a way that apart from birds there are leopard, bear and tiger movements too. According to JLR staff, the camp will look even pretty during monsoons.

Place: The Old Magazine House, Ganeshgudi.
Distance: 500 kms from Bangalore. 40kms from Dandeli.
Route: Bangalore -> Tumkur -> Hubli -> Dharwad -> Haliyala -> Dandeli -> Ganeshgudi.
Bookings: Jungle Lodges & Resorts
Best time to visit: Throughout the year. But for best bird activities visit during Monsoons. Migratory bird watching happens between October-February.
Birding hotspots: OMH campus, Near Ganeshgudi Township entrance, SUPA dam bridge.

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