Raptor Mania at Jorbeed

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I had heard that near Bikaner one can easily spot vultures. In Nov 2013, I had the chance to visit this place. What I saw there was actually beyond my imagination.

“Jorbeed”, around 12 KM drive from Bikaner is probably the largest dumping yard of carcass in Asia. The smell there is unbearable. However for a birder, this is a raptor paradise. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of raptors at this place. “Steppe Eagles and Egyptian vultures are the crows of this place. They were present everywhere”. When we reached the place, almost every tree was dotted by some raptor. We had a problem of plenty and it was “Raptor Mania”.

Here are some details that I could capture.

Jorbeed, a large dumping yard for carcass.

A Steppe Eagle as we were entering Jorbeed. Later we spotted a number of these.

A Steppe Eagle showing of its broad wings.

A colony of Griffon Vultures, Cinereous Vultures and an Egyptian Vulture. Compare the size of Cinereous vulture with Egyptian Vulture. Cinereous vultures were looking like bears from distance.

A colony of Griffon Vultures with a single juvenile Cinereous vulture.

A lonely Griffon Vulture on the tree.

A Griffon Vulture spreading its wings.

A Cinereous Vulture in the sky.

Raptor Camarderie at Jorbeed. A juvenile Steppe Eagle, Griffon and Egyptian Vulture

An Eastern Imperial Eagle juvenile with a Steppe Eagle juvenile

An Egyptian Vulture gorging on a carcass.

A Black-Eared Kite juvenile. Was really an odd man out in the mela of Steppes.

This is how we ended our day at Jorbeed. A couple of Eagles on the trees and a flock of Yellow-Eyed pigeons flying all around.

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