Indian Desert Jird, Great Rann of Kutch, Wildlife week wild encounters by Prasad Natarajan

Safari need not necessary mean zooming in green jeeps it could also be walking around non tiger reserves or even going on boat rides. Lets experience the few of these reserves on foot, come on! Banni Grasslands Reserve in Great Rann of Kutch! is one such beautiful reserve,it is a great reserve for watching varied wildlife. Like this Indian Desert Jird, early chilling morning I got to watch him from close quarters, luckily for me he was digging his new borrow. So every-time he went in, I would slowly crawl and when you he would pop up, I would stop. In twenty minutes time, I was able to watch him from close distance. Winters are great season to visit Great Rann of Kutch!

Posted with: Birding Destinations, GRK

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