Kabini and Nagarhole Park (from Veeranahosakalli gate operated by JLR Dubare) are quite familiar for Bangaloreans and Mysoreans and in most of them they say in their own words, Kabini is like second home to them! There is so much said about Kabini already in many posts so I would like to keep it simple and share my "Kabini - Never Disappoints" moments

Welcome to third edition of #edenatlas and today's edition is about Kabini, Nagarhole National Park which is very popular and known as 'Land of Leopards' among wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Leopard on Canopy, in the late evening in Kabini, Nagarhole National Park

It's been 3 visits so far to Kabini and Nagarhole National Park in the last season and once I have seen two tigers in one safari and could document the behaviour of Tigress patrolling the territory by sniffing the trees and Leopard on a tree canopy, every cat lover's dream shot and the third time a pack of wild dogs (4 of them) with lush green background post the rains. So, that would sum up what I am talking about ('Kabini - Never Disappoints!')

Tiger in Kabini, patrolling the territory in the morning, Kabini, Nagarhole National Park

Here is the Tigress patrolling her territory in the mornings!

There is beautiful backwaters which is equally famous for birding, and you'll sight lotsa raptors and osprey was a lifer for me!, though our naturalist in the boat didn't feel very excited like I do when we spotted!! :)

Smooth Coated Otters are special attraction at the Kabini backwaters and have sighted pack of 11 during the boat safari. It is very difficult to sight them and take a picture from a moving boat, as they would be keep moving and while hunting/fishing they would keep wandering and suddenly pop out from water nowhere!!

Kabini is known for lots of raptors including Brown-fish owl and many. Here are my collection of raptors from Kabini clicked

Well, the list is endless! We have very good number of Elephants, Jackals, wild dogs and mongoose regularly sighted along with various bird species in Kabini.

Well, now comes the interesting story of what happened in Nagarhole National Park! Wilderhood, as part of corporate bookings, we have arranged the booking for 42 people from Intel to Nagarhole National Park. After pre-booking with JLR all permits to us and I know few of them missed out an opportunity to take safari that day! We had the entire resort, Jungle Inn booked for us for this #Crazy42. Post lunch, every one is waiting for Basil, Cheif Naturalist from JLR Dubare brought one canter and two gypsies to fit in all of our 42 people and headed for the safari. I am personally excited for the reason that 2 days before my arrival gaur killed by Tiger and followed on fb with long posts people sharing the amazing captures. Excited!! After all the formalities we entered inside the jungle, witnessed chithal (spotted deer), wild boars and Basil took us and stopped at the place where Gaur kill happened, as the Tigers have already dragged the kill inside we couldn't see anything but it stinks very bad with rotting smell of Gaur.

Upon moving ahead, it was a heavy rain with thunderstorms amidst the jungles. In no time, it's raining heavily and getting drenched in open canters (top covered!) and suddenly, our canter got stuck in the mud and unable to move! Everybody got down and we boys got into the job of pulling the canter but no luck. Canter is going deep inside the muddy patch and to my worry Aditi and few girls were standing under the tree amidst heavy rains and thunders! Another jeep of ours came to us and tried to help in but still no luck! Drivers got exchanged and with lotsa wood, stones and everything we tried to get the tire out from and finally it came out! Every one and every where we got drenched totally and could see people shivering and jumping out joy with first-time the wild experience!

Now Basil, moved to another vehicle our new naturalist asked us, whether to go back or still to experience the wild! To my surprise, everyone shouted 'Chale Tiger Dikhao humein!' (Let's go and show us the Tiger). So we continued sighting sambar deer

And Here comes the one heck of sighting in my life, A pack of 4 wild dogs were in playful mood and one of them skidding from the log it trying to climb and amazing beautiful lavish green background just after the rains made my day! Subject very far and low light conditions couldn't make a decent picture but worth life time experience!!

Here I introduce you the #Crazy42

#Crazy42, Intel gang corporate team outing to Nagarhole National Park by Wilderhood

Picture Courtesy: Anand Bodas

See you next week with one more edition of #EdenAtlas

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